Announcing Zero Point

 Zero Point– The first 3D 360 movie for virtual reality

We’re excited to announce that we are in development with Zero Point, the first movie shot in 3D, 360 degree video optimized for the Oculus Rift head mounted display. In the film, we follow the pioneers of virtual reality; the researchers and developers creating an entirely new digital dimension. From combat training simulations at the Department of Defense, to research labs at Stanford, to indie game developers and hackers, this immersive video experience will bring viewers into the future of virtual reality.

Zero Point will fully immerse viewers into the movie

Recent advances in technology have set the stage for a massive upheaval and disruption—we believe virtual reality is poised to become the dominant medium for our generation. The rapid increase in resolution and pixel density at low cost, combined with rapidly increasing GPU graphics processing power, is now leading to the creation of a consumer market of virtual reality. What was once only science fiction has now become a reality.

The Oculus Rift head mounted display

Our extensive development experience on mobile devices has allowed us to rapidly build a 3D 360 video engine. Our software is capable of projecting high-resolution video at high frame rates into a full virtual sphere, with stereoscopic images and full head tracking. This creates a powerful sense of being inside the video – giving the viewer an unparalleled sense of scale and depth as they look around. It’s like sitting in a 3D IMAX theater, except the screen surrounds you on all sides. We hope to help pioneer a new era of virtual reality through advanced graphics engineering and content innovation.

The movie will be displayed in high-resolution stereoscopic 3D in 360 degrees

Steven Spielberg recently said, “We’re never going to be totally immersive as long as we’re looking at a square, whether it’s a movie screen or a computer screen. We’ve got to get rid of that and put the player inside the experience, where no matter where you look you’re surrounded by a three-dimensional experience. That’s the future.”

That’s exactly what we’re working on at Condition One.


Condition One Pivots

There are some big changes underway at Condition One – we’re pivoting. After careful consideration we’ve decided to pivot away from a business-to-business (B2B) software licensing strategy and focus on a consumer strategy.

This approach will allow for an important adjustment: a return to the immersive experience that we originally set out to build. In an effort to reach maximum distribution, in our B2B strategy we compromised on our user experience by building it for mobile devices.  The graphics processing capabilities of these mobile devices – while impressive for their size – are currently not capable of the type of graphics intensive user experience that is at the core of the C1 experience. It’s been absolutely necessary to go down this route as none of this would have been possible without mobile hardware -  yet it’s not the total immersion we envisioned.

It has been a difficult decision, but we’re getting back to focusing on user experience over distribution. We’re closing our B2B-focused New York office and are now working entirely out of Palo Alto, where we’ve built a strong engineering and design team that is already redeveloping our technology into a new product in line with our new consumer strategy.

Our position is still strong, and we are one step closer to getting C1 where it needs to be. We still have a significant runway remaining, and we have a complete vision that is guiding us into the future.

Moving forward, we will repackage our existing technology to rapidly prototype a consumer product. We’ve always believed that the consumer market held the largest opportunity – we had planned to use the B2B approach as a stepping stone, but we’ve found that this traditional approach was not a good fit for a technology as groundbreaking as C1. In today’s rapidly changing digital world, putting C1 directly into the hands of the consumer now strikes us as a more appropriate approach.

We’ll be spending the next weeks and months in R&D mode to work out the specifics of our consumer product. We’ll be researching new applications of our technology.  We believe that content innovation needs to go hand in hand with technical innovation to fully realize the potential of immersive experiences. The digital landscape is changing at breakneck speed – and C1 is changing with it.

We believe timing is the critical factor moving forward and we are in a position to seize market opportunities as they emerge.  We will have many more details on our strategy as we move forward and we appreciate your support as we venture into new ground.

It’s been a difficult decision, but as a startup, we can only succeed if we are constantly reassessing our market position, are able to learn from our experience and make timely decisions based on existing information.

In the words of Victor Hugo,“There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”

Our time is coming.

Best regards,





Just some updates on what we’ve been working on at Condition One.

Product Demos
We wanted to make it easier for you to try out or demo Condition One’s capabilities. So today we’ve updated the Condition One showcase app, available in the iTunes store here: Our new app is faster, smaller, has more content that you can download or stream. You can also upload your own videos shot with a wide angle lens or GoPro camera and view them in Condition One’s immersive format.

You can also check out the Condition One web player first hand right from our homepage.

See You in Las Vegas at NAB!
Condition One will be exhibiting at National Association of Broadcasters convention. If you’re going, come by our booth to see our latest demo. Our booth is in Central Hall #C-ST10 or swing by our presentation at the Akamai stage (SL02724) at 3:30pm Wednesday 4/10.

-Condition One Team

I am writing from Las Vegas in the middle of the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), the biggest tech event of the year, where we are unveiling the next generation of Condition One software.

Here’s a look into the details behind our latest announcement:

Ultra-HD 2.7K Resolution: The resolution of our new video player is now 5x sharper. We’re now capable of displaying a 2.7K resolution, which is mind blowing on a retina display. You can check out a demo by downloading our showcase app for iPad and iPhone here.

Live Streaming: We’ve always believed that Condition One has the power to bring people into a video in a unique and powerful way. With the goal of pushing the boundaries of storytelling even further, we have created a real time live-streaming solution to not only bring your audience into the story, but to bring them into the moment as it unfolds.

Web Player: You asked us to bring the Condition One experience to the web… and we heard you! With Condition One, you can now make immersive videos for the iPad, iPhone, and the web.

Camera Flexibility: Our clients shoot with many different cameras from the inexpensive, lightweight GoPro Hero 3 to the Hollywood grade RED Epic. We want to empower as many content creators as possible to create immersive videos and now we’re revealing the cameras we use. We’re excited to share that our technology is now compatible with a wide range of high resolution digital cameras including RED cameras, video enabled DSLRs, and GoPros.

The Condition One team is working at maximum velocity to make the Condition One experience even more immersive and powerful. Our new software was inspired by your feedback and we would love to hear what you think about the new features and product upgrades.

If you’re attending CES this week, stop by our booth #75510 located on the 3rd floor of the Venetian. We’d love to give you a demo!

“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Travel is about exploring new places– looking around, discovering stories, and experiencing culture. It is an immersive experience that allows the traveler to be fully engaged in a space whether it is a hotel, a beach, the middle of a forest, or an art museum.

Because travel itself is so immersive, there is no reason why travel discovery should not be just as engaging. Instead of travelers looking at pictures on websites or watching scripted video tours, imagine if people could actually explore popular tourist destinations, charming neighborhoods, and the interiors of hotels before they book their travel plans. Or maybe even experience what it feels like to go on an elephant ride in Bangkok, Thailand…

We hope that with Condition One, travel discovery can become almost as exciting as travel itself.

Check out more sample footage on our showcase iPhone and iPad app available in the iTunes store.

“Discover” Condition One

Check out Discovery’s new app “Hidden Worlds: New York City” featuring the Condition One video player — now available for free in the iTunes store.  Three Condition One videos let you explore the East Side Access Tunnels beneath Grand Central, go behind the scenes at the new Fulton Street Metro Station, and ride the nostalgic carnival rides at Coney Island.

Last week at WPP Stream, Danfung spoke about society’s numbness to traditional media and his motivations to build Condition One.

We’re excited to announce an iPhone version of our Condition One showcase app, available for download here: Condition One iPhone app!


Last night Condition One participated as the final presentation in a stellar lineup at September’s New York Tech Meetup!  Our CEO, Danfung Dennis beelined straight to the Meetup from the airport to demo Condition One in front of a sold out audience at NYU’s Skirball Center.  The crowd was full of energy and we had a great time hearing everybody’s feedback!

If you couldn’t make it to NYTM last night, check out the magic of Condition One for yourself by downloading our showcase iPad app here.  Thank you, NYTM for an awesome and inspiring night!  And a HUGE thank you to Jessica Lawrence and Nate Westheimer for organizing such a wonderful event.



The last few years have been a journey, from the dust of Afghanistan to the red carpet of the Academy Awards. My work is now evolving into a new phase: building a technology company. I feel privileged to be working with an incredible team of graphics engineers and designers. Our R&D efforts are producing incredible new video technologies that will soon go live in the world.

We’ve started pilot programs with a select group of companies in a wide variety of verticals. We’re working with great companies that include Discovery Communications, Mercedes, XL Recordings, The Guardian and Popular Science, all of whom are using Condition One technology to create powerful immersive experiences for their audiences and customers.

Popular Science, one of the partners in our pilot program, has just released an iPad app using Condition One technology. The app is an immersive video tour of the ATLAS Experiment at the Large Hadron Collider. You can download the iPad app here:

We’ve been fortunate to have the support of Mark Cuban as a fellow entrepreneur, friend and investor. He has invested $500k for our seed round. As the pioneer of HD broadcasting, Mark is a true visionary who understands the space we’re in and what it takes to introduce a new concept to a traditional market. He has helped to show us how we can push ourselves farther than we thought and identify opportunities that we once thought would be out of reach.

Mark’s support has allowed us to hire top tier talent including our CTO Julian Gomez. Julian is a 3D graphics engineer pioneer with over three decades of experience. Gómez started his career at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, then worked as a senior engineer and scientist at Apple, Google, Macromedia, Sun Microsystems and co-founded several technology startups. At Apple, he was a member of the original QuickDraw 3D development team which paved the way for OpenGL – today’s standard in 3D graphics. Gómez earned a Ph.D. in Computer Science in 1985.

Our company is young, but this year and particularly our time within the TechStars program we’ve reached significant milestones. My work has been an evolution from still images to video and now into immersive experiences. Yet, I’m still motivated by the same idea: that the future of storytelling will be driven by technology and that visual communication can create a better understanding of one another.

Mark spoke about his investment in Condition One on a C1 video available on our showcase iPad app ( His words are transcribed below:

“Hi, my name is Mark Cuban and I’m here to announce to TechStars my investment in Condition One. Why? You know, everyone talks about the excitement of looking at video from multiple TV cameras and angles – that’s so 2012. Condition One creates an alternative viewpoint, a panoramic unique experience in viewing video, one that is going to be the future of both on-demand and live entertainment, in your home and on your mobile device. Stay tuned, the best is yet to come!” – Mark Cuban